What gadget are you?

Oh yes what we carry with us definately represents who we are inside(nope this aint no crusoe-who are you inside ad..this is who are you outside.We sapiens have developed dependant personality disorder over years,rather gadget dependant personality disorder.This so happens when you have an iphone..Your world becomes the virtual world and all you communiticate at a deeper levels are the bites of bytes.I have been the Nokia aficionado right from early days of Nokia and will continute to do so regardless of what comes into the market.My loyalties dont change.I believe thats the gadget I mostly represent,headstrong and tenacious from inside who can still be all functional regardless of any kind of depletion.Nokia phones are known for there robustness.Well in a lot of ways I represent this phone for the most part.The life of their operation is commendable regardless of  weather conditions.Thats speaks highly of reliability which is again yet another trait I represent.People rely on me to get things done,i’ve always been the go-getter workholic of sorts.Yet there is a very sensitive side to me that doesnt surface itself for most part coz im usually downed in work ,hobbies and interests.Nokia phones are epitome of precise functionality,carefully planned design,reliability and navigability.However I must comment on the navigable part as i may or may not represent it.Its not easy to read me,however easy going i might just be…im usually misunderstood for whatever reason.These phones are like a whole cosmos of themselves like they were born on a separate planet called Nokia.Nothing aint over the top,pretty much for pragmatic people who are more interested in utility than fancy vanity.That the paradoxical side to me…I’m more into utility on the personal side however my professional values are different.The more finicky im aboutmy work giving high importance to precision and beautifying stuff,personally im pretty down to earth and reserved.This is the device i mostly represent,as theres always more to a person than what forms the core.My core is what nokia represents for the rest theres always ideologies and metaphores. I hence choose practical gadgets with are more on the utility side than high maintainance,coz thats most part Meeeee…

P.S for indiblogger Dell inspiron contest

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