Innovative utility programs

Melange of utility stubs for the quotidian conundrum of personal and professional sphere.

Social Networking Addiction:Using pranav mistry’s six sense technology one can control the virtual social networking addiction.the virtual screen is visible everytime you network with someone online so that both can see each other and interact in reality.

BBgun for Boss Management.For more instructions about the features and operation,kindly refer boss management for dummies.The aerated gun that will help him see through your point and controls him from being an a**hole.

Limb-motor for the late-latief:every gottired of waiting for those late-comers in office,parties;well,heres introducing the limb-motor for the late-commers.Just fix it to your limb and turn on the button.The vibrations will eneggide your lazy bones and muscles into an energitic,go-getter.

Duct-tape for gossip-mongers:A special duct-tape in the liquidized form for the gossip-mongers.Whenever you apply this duct-tape it freezes your cake-hole and tongue everytime you develop that malicious instinct to gossip and spread rumours.A must for all those in the media and politics.

Graffiti generator:Everytime you look at a grave issue or find youself in a predicament,this cell,attached to your cerebrum will automatically generate graffiti to relax you for a while so you can think straight.

Robotic-jack:gives a jack in your bu** if you don’t put that toilet seat down.

Shut-down program:this is exclusively designed to shut-down government so everybody can have their own rules with reasonable freedom.Everytime an individual hits a bad sector inside his brain-his background process will automatically send the command to terminated the program.A simple solution for the rest of the world without the need of any government.

Creativity button:For all the prosaic souls who lack imagination and pull on with their mundane lives.There’s a band of buttons somewhere,which you can find depending upon your degree of intensity.Everytime you intensly feel you wish you had that specific talent,the mammoth band appears before you with  myraid options.just click the button to install that particular talent to start of with and later develop into a masterpiece yourself.A zero cost program which can only be initiated with the amount of intensity and passion within you.Greater the intensity,larger the band of options.

Irritant-mutilator:there are lot of irritants we deal with such as wind-bags,megalomaniacs,imposters,boasters,free advicers(giving free advice without being asked),whiners,complainents,cribbers,clingy-never-let-go types emotional absorbants.ah,the list seems a little endless.However,an end to this type of unhealthy optimism is the irritant-mutilator.This works on the principles of symbiology.Everytime such an irritant occurs to you or in front of you,just make a cross mark in the air wearing this special ring and it will not let the irritant quality in a person appear.


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