wit instilling garb for the broken-hearted

rib-tickling solution for all the jilted crew of this entity.Everytime there’s a possibility a of misundersting or possible heart-break in a relation,the victim can just wear this wit-garb to get rid of dumwitted tearjerking heart-break.The minute any negative thought or suspision enters your head,all you have to do is wear this wit-garb which infuses bliss and laughter inside your mind and subconscious.So your partner will never find you sad,doubting,suspicious,paranoid nd all such degrees of insanity.Laughter and humour is the best insanity one can adopt,infuse,instill in order to avoid all unneccessary complications in life.So everytime you are dazed,jilted,confused-just grab this wit-garb.Hurry!the offer lasts only till the inventor gets bored of its creation.and pray that its inventor(yours truly) dont get bored or have any mood swings πŸ˜› for your happy,joyful life.


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