funny side of Horror flicks and true stories

Horror-flicks:Laughter a day,keeps the doctor away.Thats why ghosts live longer than sapiens.This little piece of advice is something the caricatures of horror flicks take quite literally.But why are they trying so hard to scare you?Dont they want to see you in the theatre?then why trying to scare the auidence.Now thats a paradox.They scare you away so you come and watch’em.All they have is screaming,shouting,blood and really ugly-duckling faces created by some demented artists who struggle hard only to create ugly maquillage and masks.Ha,now thats funny!Theres something about ghosts.They are so lonely.The only way they know to beckon your attention is by generating laughter,throwing things,and doing such infantile things.I mean,why cant you make some friends with other ghosts.You’ve got to stop being a social phobic,atleast in your world.When your own species ignore you,what makes them think they can get chummy with other-living organisms.I think their surreal mind is a lair of manipulation,always trying to extract some irrelavant desire through this medium.As human being if you couldnt achieve anything,as ghosts would you?Always angry-24×7,i mean get a life(oopsy)…give it a break!why cant you try being a humorous ghosts,people will accept you and prolly even fulfill your wishes if they are so cranky.You see…thats a good marketing strategy.Anger is a very very bad marketing strategy in real as well as surrel world.Turning on the tele ..and doing such things,switch to ETnow or such meaningful channels and learn something instead doing it in the hope of scaring people.Nobody is scared of you,shoo.

True stories: OMG!which pessimistic barney made it potent saying truth is sad,you cant handle it,,blah blah..cry babies.Truth is beautiful,it opens your eyes and mind to new horizons and avenues.Is there a true story which isnt sad and tragic.i mean,what kind of suckers look for such stories and make it into a movie.Our lives have humour too,why can’t they make a humorous true story.Didn’t your life look like a joke at some point of time 😉 dont fret,just humour it.True stories are like suckers with some convetions of learning through life thrown in.Humour is a good method of learning.Hey there’s a sunny,funny side to the truth too,its just funny how truth appear in front of you,unexpectedly.So why dont have make rib-tickling true stories.go go,just do it.stop being a sucker.


  1. “Theres something about ghosts.They are so lonely.The only way they know to beckon your attention is by generating laughter,throwing things,and doing such infantile things.” got ’em baby!!

  2. the horror movies u r talkin about..creatures with ugly scary diabolical faces..are really not that scary.. some movies..just scare the hell out of u..with the sounds and silences..what lies beneath for example..i watched it in an open air theatre….and ya was with an umbrella..still I held my breath for some of the scenes.

  3. true diabolic faces are not scary thats why i made fun of them….the only movie that scared me to death so far was blairwitch project..i watched it early morning and i puked..couldnt take the unholy demonic charm the movie spells.

  4. If you puked seeing Blair Witch Project, then i suggest you watch The Ring, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Orphanage, The Exorcist

    YOu’ll have Sleepless Nights 😀

  5. did u shit your pants watching these movies?i dont give heed to supernatural,so i mock it.the blairwitch project puke was just an expression…not to be taken literally when the whole post is about mocking infantile horror melodrama of prankster ghosts 😀

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