Indiblogger to accept more that 10 posts

I dont like to wait,waiting,bugs me.I’d like indiblogger to accept more that 10posts from a single user in a span of 24 hours.Hey they make mind blowing 24 series on AXN,you can’t accept series of posts in 24?I’d like this change with of course spam filter activated.Also i’d like the following changes in indiblogger

1. remove/edit description box in indivine…oh boy,its so bugging to do if blogging alone were not enough

2.Filter genuine readers and voters

3.Customized dashboard

4.animated indiblogger badges and graffiti

5.etc etc

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  1. well, once upon a time …… Indiblogger didn’t have any limit on submitting posts…… even i have submitted more than 15 posts in a day…..but than it’s called spamming….. i agree with that…and i support their decision of putting a limit.

    well you can Ctl+C, Ctl+V some part of your post to the “Description” box…. i do the same when can’t think of anything….

    agree with the readers and promoters thing

    i don’t use the dashboard so i’m pretty content with it

    and etc etc….. 🙂

  2. Hey Hitesh,thanks for dropping by my page.I know indiblogger initially did have the option of posting multiple posts.But since its this contest is about demanding a technology,i thought they sould make it possible with advanced spam filters.If themind if overflowing with creative ideas,one cant help but post.Now that aint spamming,is it?

    @Nalini -true we must have the comment and vote system…its good to know what people think about your blog

  3. The “Promote” this post! I am not sure it’s justice.. I’ve seen better posts go down the ranks and not so better ones win contests just because they got more promotions ?+!!…
    That needs to be changed.
    There has to be a comment system instead of the promote.

  4. its never easy for others to see one name all over! you see, if 10 people like you submit 24 posts on IndiVine in a day, its 240 new posts on IndiVine.

    What happens is that in-btwn your post, other people’s posts die down. i would personally not like to get my one post go hidden in a lump.

  5. @Hemal.I get your point.However,this is my demand contest where we can let loose crazy i chose a simple feature that requires some imaginable technology to come up with a organised solution to implement this feature,so everyboy gets a fair share.

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