Amidst sin, treachery, virluence,

Iniquity, evil, and sinister,

Being unloved, despised,

Did she transform?

Holding on to good, padlocked in devilry,

Was all the sinister planned and deviced?

Was there a sunshine to brighten her soul,

Everyday the vile and vice ushered with chivalry,

Did she transform?

For years she waited to see the light,

A faint hope, numb going about the mundane,

She had no more will to fight,

With a frailing spirit, and will to withstand,

Did she transform?

Then he came by, like a ray of hope,

He had misery and more to cope,

A rhyme, a reason, a new beginning,

Did she transform?

Forgetting his scars, he filled her soul,

With warmth, hope; they were on a roll,

Did she transform?

Joy amidst darkness,

From “Oh what a mess,”

Did she transform?

Intoxicated with endless love and faith,

More to give than said,

Their lives transformed.

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