A Good Omen

The clock ticked everyday,

Waking up to the singing birds,

Sat a dove by the window sill,

A good omen in the theatre of the absurd,

The curtains in blue and teal,

Cupcakes and coffee in the tray.

The clock ticked everyday,

With dewdrops bathing tulips and daisies,

White feathers flew by,

Pilled with work and all the crazies,

“Good waiting to happen,” felt in the gut and denied,

He walked by like a fresh breeze,

Why did everything come to the still and freeze?

The clock ticked everyday,

Sweet lure of a dulcet song,

Heard afar in the lane,

Running into him, again,

In my unkempt mein,

Heart, still, unclaimed.

The clock ticked everyday,

With a starry night, and a shooting star,

Mind and heart at a war,

Knocking at the door, he came,

Asking for a piece of paper, if I might.

Nothing seemed all the same,

Like a good omen, amidst a hurricane.

The clock ticked everyday,

It is evening,

With soft breeze and the rainbow,

Twilight and a bit of a snow,

Meet him again at the book store,

More conversations, and some more,

Beautiful moments without misgivings.

The clock ticked everyday,

He said all he could say,

Just like any other day,

His inner demons are mine,

When he felt spent in an emotional tide,

I shall stay by his side,

Taking his darkness to the light,

Everyday I let him shine.

The clock ticked everyday,

To be loved unconditionally,

To give back, endlessly,

With every moment, each day,

Togetherness feels like a good omen.

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