When roses and tulips bloom,

In the warmth of summers,

The drizzle and the rainbow,

Singing and marching with the drummers,

In sweetness of life, bitter you don’t allow,

Not a sign of gloom,

In the magical town of Roseline.

Swaying in ecstasy,

Broken pieces of heart make a beautiful art,

Of landscape in fantasy,

Drunken in ambrosia from the chalice divine,

In the magical town of Rosaline.

Where no sorrow touches,

Leaving the bad skin behind,

Into the unknown with a few hunches,

Every moment hits the button rewind,

In the magical town of Roseline.

Heart full of hope and the magic of love,

Eternal melodies sang from above,

The lavender skies,

Mushed in love like a brie,

In the magical town of Roseline.

With every rift arms spread wide,

The sweetness of poison belies,

Nothing could separate and divide,

Two souls eternally entwined,

In the magical town of Roseline.

The world amused,

How the two fused,

No wisdom and wit could define,

In the magical town of Roseline.

Thrown in burning well,

Bruised and healed with faith within,

Like their souls never learnt to doubt,

Like mirrors, like twins,

In each others hearts they eternally dwelled,

In the magical town of Roseline.

Author: Vaishali Adwant

I'm an entrepreneur,a designer,a writer,athinker. I design clothes, boots, accessories, handmade jewelry for my label Faporazee. I write fantasy fiction, screenwriting, concepts for TV shows. I love spending my time reading, writing, painting, and a lot of creative pursuits.

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