Mosaic Bonds

mosaic bonds

Sweet, bitter, deep, neutral,

Oh, there were many of’em,

Like the colors infinite ethreal,

Glued together with summum bonum.

Love, affection, wrath, joy and all,

During the rise and fall,

Mosaic of events enthralls,

Will it be a circus or a gold rush?

Celebrating with spritz and slush.

Moulded like sheen in the mosaic art,

A sacred chalice, an ewer, a cauldron,

Sinking and swimming with Her steward,

Bitter sweet bonds of this dominion.

What did we unlearn, to usher the novel,

Digging Earth’s secrets with toil and shovel,

Happy with a fewer smarts,

Singing with the good and trammeling behemoth,

Living with the mosaic bonds,

Separated yet connected,

In your hearts ran my errands,

Who at the higher realms were selected?

Author: Vaishali Adwant

I'm an entrepreneur,a designer,a writer,athinker. I design clothes, boots, accessories, handmade jewelry for my label Faporazee. I write fantasy fiction, screenwriting, concepts for TV shows. I love spending my time reading, writing, painting, and a lot of creative pursuits.

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