Johnny was a simple guy,

A bit of a talker, a bit shy,

He came across a girl so bright,

She was so beautiful, oh my my.

He said hello in the middle of a rut,

When she was walking with her pug,

She smiled at him, he held his gut,

Love at first sight felt like a drug.

I have a corgi, his name is Doug.

“Oh, that’s sweet,” and she walked away,

A few blocks from his home, is where she stayed.

Every morning he watched her jog,

In the serene green, mist, and the fog,

Barbeques in backyard, and smokey charcoal,

She came invited, in sweetness he doled.

From frozen winters to colorful summers,

Their loved blossomed like flowers in the meadows,

She was a singer, he was a drummer,

Through each others dark shadows,

They walked holding hands,

Unknown where they’d land,

Time passed with the grains of sand.

They were bored of each other and again,

Like they were in the wrong lane,

Traversing in different planes.

With nothing to lose, going about their lives,

With no hue or cries.

On a beautiful spring, roasting marshmallows,

There was a knock on the door, and a note,

Years passed by without his memories, mellow,

‘Was it real, or an anecdote?”

A concert, and encore,

The invite was at the door,

They met again, out of the blue,

Why feelings surged, they had no clue.

Angels sang, the Church bells rang,

Their souls knew they belonged,

Jamming together again, dang dang!

Music, love, and joie de vevre,

A straight road with no curves,

Like roses and candies,

Dancing like a punk and a dandy,

Each day was sweet as marshmallows,

Distance changed nothing,

A symphony of flute and cello,

Matte, pastels, and the bling bling,

Their love had all hues and shade,

Everyday and every morning,

They were forever Frankie and Johnny.

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