We wish for true love,

Only wondering if it exists,

Could you battle self-doubt,

Love someone like a devout,

Taming the beast,

Within you to let beautiful emotions grow.

We wish for true love,

Without looking within,

If the choices you make,

Let you cajole and sync in,

When everything breaks and shakes.

We wish for true love,

Happily everafter, like a fairytale,

But are your emotions colored?

Will you sway towards the other,

If expectations from the other fails?

We wish for true love,

Are we willing to dig deeper,

To understand, nurture, and love unconditionally,

Or grown on each others walls like a creeper,

Love ain’t all roses and lilies.

We wish for true love,

Will you make the sacrifice,

To help the other through their shortcomings,

Do you love enough to build an edifice,

With or without what you are earning.

We wish for true love,

Letting ego meddle now and then,

Is the man or the woman superior,

Role playing since when…?

Is the woman made to feel inferior?

We wish for true love,

Like a wishful thinking it sails,

Hopes and dreams squashed,

What you wanted always failed,

All the chaos within white washed.

We wish for true love,

Are you honest with yourself?

Will you love another,

Like yourself without regrets,

Will you give up like a shunner,

Or work on the rhythm of your sonnet.

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