Silver Lining

silver lining

What if only goodness within you remains,

When everything else is down in dumps,

Can you uplift your spirit cleaning stains,

Keep walking with new energy pumped.

What if the dark clouds crowd your roof,

Eclipsing the happiness of blooming flowers,

Alone and aloof,

Will good thoughts still take a shower?

What if all you have is moments each second,

Will you make it count?

Like time were the most treasured friend,

Like bad luck never had an account.

What if those who should love you only betray,

Will you stop caring at all,

Or have warmth left in you without going astray,

Will you rise every time you fall?

What if mistakes and gaslighting gets served,

Without a sign or care of the good in you,

Will you still be unnerved,

Without losing faith, sail through like you never knew.

What if only evil surrounds now and then,

Will you still have faith in God,

Hoping to go higher and when,

Your spiritual strength always gives a nod,

Beating all the odds.

What if all the poison didn’t make you bitter,

All the pitter-patter didn’t give you a jitter,

Your faith sneered at, making you smile,

Remember, that is what made you go long miles

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