When all in the world is down,

Your spirit wants a way out,

But does it think of rising?

Like a lotus in a quagmire,

Compose the tunes of your life like a reprise,

What is your new attire?

Not giving up like a devout!

When you are expected to feel sorrow,

Like there is no tomorrow?

Does your spirit muse of rising?

Not taking the beaten path,

Did your soul sing and dance, and do the math?

All they have done to your soul is poisoning,

With the ill-minded there is no reasoning,

Marching forward with zeal aftermath.

Road block to success and good feelings,

None of their feign good-will is appealing,

If it snows in the month of May,

Does it make you amused on a sunny day?

Rising of spirit being maimed raises brows,

They expect you to be down like nobody knows,

Darted with lies, gaslighting, and arrows,

Of deceit, harm, and tomfoolery,

Evil camouflaged with chivalry,

Does your spirit feel the rising?

Swimming across the pain and torture,

When you fix the apperature,

It doesn’t change the view,

For their spirit is damned with sin to sinew,

And laugh at your holy grail,

Your spirit has no reason to fail,

With a team of evil, they set to sail,

To a land of debuchary, lies, and deceit,

Taking away your good,

The heaves give them no seat,

Lies their spirit fuels with this food,

With ill-intentions, looking dulcet and neat!

Siren songs no melodic fete.

Only those who dare see the sacred truth,

The undoing is far-fetched for these brutes,

Like a pied-pipper tuning his flute,

Creating a rift in the lute,

Still, your spirit does not hit the mute!

As you rise and ROAR,

None dares to aboard,

The fancy of bemiring the sacred spirit,

A gift to mankind you won’t regret.

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