Good Vs Evil

Once upon a time, Tuliptwigs, an innocent bella,

Was surrounded by evil from every side,

With honey-lipped speech and a dark soul,

What she suffered were tales untold,

Did she ever overcome and glide?

To create a recipe for life like the Paella?

Hide and seek, cruel belies being meek,

Every moment felt, bleak bleak,

She held her faith strong,

Sound of evil made with a loud gong,

Fear she did not, not had to fake faith,

Took each day with smile when her spirit they did grate,

Her mind had a lot of wonderful things to create,

She sailed through not knowing what’s next in her fate.

She wondered each day,

The camouflage, the mask of sanity,

Worn by a few,

Her faith took a beating with every bolt from the blue.

She wondered each day,

Is lack of love they turned to evil doing,

What if compassion is all they craved for,

But greed for power they kept choosing.

Her soul was battered every hour.

Her dreams were forcefully made sour,

With the sweetness stirred,

It didn’t stop the murmur,

Her bright and pure soul shimmered;

In the darkness and the light,

Angels came to her rescue,

It was their delight,

When she didn’t have a clue.

Away from the evil’s den,

She flew away to the far lands,

Smile on her face every day in a week, seven,

Angels graced her each day with marching bands.

To the Earthlings is a lesson to learn,

Faith within lets the evil burn,

Good and bad in life take turns,

Choose what you imbue and unlearn.

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