The Evolved Primitive

Gods Must Be Crazy was fun to watch,

With a deep philosophy of community,

Gave us points to ponder, will out thoughts match?

If those who we call the primitive have brotherhood and unity.

Binging on the bits and bytes,

Gnawing our values like the mites,

Making you wonder what is life made up of?

With the tech-ballyhoo, is there time for stillness and wonder,

Did anyone every feel, they have had enough?

To feel the sky, nature, go out and gander.

Aren’t those who we called primitive, much evolved?

Sense of community supersedes the lust of contests,

Who’s to win when you are all alone,

With nothing but material at its best,

Towards the world, you have nothing to own?

Happiness in kinship,

A battle within,

In compassion and fellow-hood, does your thought ever take a dip?

Brewed with love like the coffee beans.

A sense of love lost,

Conforming to the novel unlearning,

Old values in the background ghosting,

And one day you feel the yearning.

Isn’t too late for tomorrow?

Companionship you have not to borrow

Empty in the virtual world,

Enticing to the mind, brings to the heart much sorrow.

Let not there be a time,

Where good moments you no more can mime,

Apps usher lethargy,

Taking away the soul and minds synergy.

Shouldn’t we look up to the evolved primitive?

Whose send of pride lies in their tribe,

A bond unbroken with a bribe,

To this thought do you want to subscribe?

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