You And Me Amiss

Days, turned to months, turned to years,

Sweetness wore the garb of discord,

Eternal love that once pioneered,

In the era that didn’t fete vinyl records.

A hitch, a noise unmade the poise,

Love seemed like a poison in disguise,

Pretty turned to not so nice,

Deep emotions muted, lost their voice.

If only, the meddling voices vanished,

There was more to see behind the thick veil,

Of being amiss though deep inside nothing seems finished,

Only memories of sweetness and discord set to sail.

Betrayal don’t shock anymore,

Thanking the Lord in numbness,

To show you the truth you didn’t see before,

Heart was soaked in his love feeling blessed.

Through the chaos and evident,

The heart didn’t see,

What was clear to the world at every event,

Soaked up in the thoughts of you and me.

Epiphany, woke up the mind in deep slumber,

Reality felt like a Rip Wan Winkler,

Ages passed, in wait, tease, and appease,

You wasted years of yonder, ladies man was his moniker,

Eternal love ridiculed and displeased.

Yearning for love turns you blind,

To the flaws and intentions hidden,

Memories reviewed and rewind,

Love no more, a garden of Eden.

As time passed, pain seeped deeper,

Sealed in box and padlocked,

His cold heart poisoned my soul like a viper,

His pass times of having me mocked,

Made my faith in seeking truth brighter.

For the love of truth does not fail you,

It sets you free from the pain in lieu,

Composing harmonies from the blues.

If only, heart listens to the mind,

Rather lull it to sleep,

Cashmere with crepe lined,

Beneath the kindness is the creep.

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