The transcendental mendicant garbed in vogue,

Her soul evolved with each dramatic monologue,

A paradox of sinful and sinless,

Like the weaves of yarn for a ala mode dress.

Surfing through the tides and waves,

Of the inner oceans of consciousness,

Leading the toughest part overcoming duress,

To be pinned down in a mess.

What if the soul forgot its path?

As subconscious was force fed with platter aghast,

Did you still have a blast?

Living consciously through present and past.

Knocked the intuition to let her see,

A sense of awareness opened up with wonder and glee,

Rising above the viscous darts of the enemy,

For it was within for her to see.

Mocked, derided, snubbed, deceived at every step,

Her inner core grew adept,

As she saw through the charm that belies,

Smiling faces full of lies.

Her senses grew stronger to unveil,

True nature started to reveal,

Breaking down her old views,

Like a fresh morning dew,

Who she trusted were only a few.

Turmoil and happiness in chorus,

In the opera that sang tales of lies and deceit,

Heart sank and swam through the lull and morose.

Did your heart lose a beat?

As the human nature shows up,

Usurping your opines,

Showcasing hidden motive,

Guarding you with the angels divine.

Did they whisper in your ears?

Of the truths untold,

How lies unfold,

Of the sweetness garnished on the heart cold.

Did they whisper in your ears?

Of the true nature of everything you perceive,

For reality is not what your mind receives.

Did they whisper in your ears?

Honoring your soul’s quest for purity and truth,

Cradling your emotions from being mute.

Did they whisper in your ears?

For they love your soul,

Guard it when the wicked try to drill holes,

Well-wishers garbed as moles.

Did they whisper in your ears?

The sweetness hidden inside rough surface,

Guiding you to know what to embrace,

Turf out the beguiler who brings disgrace,

Role playing the protector and the menace.

Did they whisper in your ears?

Of the true intentions,

They are never mentioned,

For their love for you is eternal,

Seeing you walk the path of spiritual bliss,

When you were doused in wickedness and malice.

Did they whisper in your ears?

Of the manipulators, the pretense,

Wanting power plays and obedience,

Setting your soul free from this petulance.

Did they whisper in your ears?

Of the right path you seek,

When everything seems bleak,

You are forced to be meek.

Did they whisper in your ears?

The strength you cannot deny,

Battling the games and the ploy,

Only intended to destroy,

All the good in you,

For they cannot see you grow a new.

Did they whisper in your ears?

Your true calling?

When every aspect has it mauling,

Like a lion devouring its prey,

Taking pleasure in its scream and pain.

Did they whisper in your ears?

Of the protection from the viscous,

Guarding your conscious,

Making you stronger and audacious.

As she tread the spiritual path,

Divine angles took an oath,

To protect her soul from the evil and goth,

Garbed not as what they denote.

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