What if my right is your wrong?

For our circumstances do not in samey belong..

What if your spirituality is above or below realms?

What if you perceive based on fancies and whims?

Perceptions are not reality,

When choice is to live by higher virtues or plebian ability.

Did it occur to you, the ideologies of Emerson,

Philosophies of Benjamin Franklin,

Ain’t fictional idiosyncrasies and pass times therein,

Lifting your aura from the color ebon.

Did you pick a single virtue,

That didn’t seem too good to be true,

To stand your ground,

When those who aimed to rip you and pound.

Did you pick a single virtue,

That didn’t seem too good to be true,

Meandering through your past perceptions,

Shaking them anew,

Did your mind have a new caption?

With a different preview,

Dig in your soul for you quest,

Your heart made that request.

For perceptions are not a play of the mind,

Your beliefs yesterday, today shunned,

As the new knowledge serpentines,

Bajgjaxing older inner core,

Like garbing itself landing on the shore.

After stormy nights and days,

You arrive at a thought to gay or dismay.

For the truth you seek or may not,

Be your perception for what it is to be.

Is it the gospel or your truth,

Stirred and churned as it brew-th.

Will you change tomorrow?

If what brought you joy brings you sorrow?

For those who vouch by virtues stand still,

If you were made to swallow the bitter pill,

Of inglorious deceptions, half truth, white lies,

Did you dig deeper and ply.

A fair weather friend, these perceptions,

For their momentary phase fizzles,

With uncertainty and inactions,

As the truth dances and dazzle,

Only if you wish to see.

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