A Cup Of Chai

Piping hot with a ting of ginger,

What if sugary cinnamon takes swirls,

Elixir for the chai binger,

Rolling when freshness unfurls.

Cookies or fritters spend time with it,

Is there something interesting you had to tweet?

Tiredness from your abode it deletes.

Sets the mind in super mode,

Ridding of stress overload.

A cup of chai,

Conversations with your girls and guys,

Not a reason to shy,

Expressing your true self without a lie.

A recess, to refresh, and feel the goodness,

Of life’s scrambles seems like a mare’s nest,

Herbs topped with orange zest,

Brewing in colors enchanting,

The golden sheen on the brown mantling.

A cup of chai,

You can’t deny,

Gives you calm when you are hurried,

To finish deadlines and all days work,

You sip the elixir and give the smirk smirk.

A cup of chai,

You can’t deny,

When raindrops dance on your window sill,

Watching nature in its stand still,

Every moment to you appeals,

In zest and joy.

A cup of chai,

After a long commute,

A picture of smile to shoot,

Like melodies from the sacred blue flute.

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