Mind made a lot of noise,

Prudence coaxed it to have a poise,

They wriggled and wrestled to know whose better,

Noise said its full of stories it gathered.

Poise remained silent to show,

How calmness brings more stories to the mind,

Without a sign of chaos to bow,

Noise hit the button rewind,

To play interesting tidbits like an overture,

There’s no symphony said poise in caricatures,

Drawing the curtains to bask in the light of harmony,

Noise sang again with notations too many.

Full of pride and self denial,

With not a good tune to dial,

And listen to the sound of the mishmash,

Noise danced to its tunes like it threw a bash.

Poise added its tones in between,

To kibosh the untuned melody,

So noise could see the other side sans miring,

As the clamorous tidbits altered to an odyssey.

Rang a bell in the mind of the noise,

The beauty it missed without the poise,

Like a magical spell, noise transformed,

Of consonance it was informed,

How the motley only distorted,

The dulcet encore stayed from being rewarded,

Without endurance in making the quartet,

Noise engulfed the suffering of not having an outlet,

A ray of patience entered inside,

Waltzing and slowing its tempo,

Standing on the alter to abide,

By the sweet notations in the canto.

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