Love, Evermore

Somewhere someone loves you,

Makes life sweet and pleasant as honeydew,

Only those lucky few,

Live in this daze without a cue.

Uncaged, bearing the soul,

Like life had no goals,

A beautiful story unfolds.

Past is Aghast,

Knowing this will last,

Sweet Surrender to his love,

Emotions don’t tip toe.

Eyes don’t rain to see him,

As faith in his love heals,

Heart bows and kneels,

In  honor and zeal.

Symphonies of harmony,

Riding on the will to love, evermore,

Like a beautiful sunset on a seashore.

The beginning after an end,

Wishes he sends,

A patient ear he lends,

All rules he bends,

My sorrows he ends.

                    ~Vaishali Adwant




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