In The Bosom Of Newness

no blanket of starry nights, 

and I sleep in the bosoms of the void,

with the hope sun will shine brighter,

blazing rays and better insights.
autonomous in my nous,
chasing the wild goose, 
coming to a standstill,
smelling the new dew on the sill.
arms wide open to welcome the unknown,
and no way to tell…
how did begin the marching sojourn,
propelling through the siren bell.
no vacancy for darkness, no more,
elfin ray of hope knocking at the door,
padlocked for eons,
rising indefinitely,
Open wounds all sewn.
Depth sired the unfrequented,
only connecting the dots,
leading to the ceaseless knots,
untangling and doctoring the dented. 
looking through the nameless paths,
It could bring a smile or a wrath,
Taking deep breath, every step,
Soul promises are to be kept.
                                           ~Vaishali Adwant


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