Things to do when his X wants him back

These ex-es are like an excess in your much do you love this person in your life?can you let go?do you want to let go?If your partner is a pain in your a** you can breath a relief and throw in subtle encouragement to get rid of the wuss ;otherwise do the following: friends with her

2.hook her with someone else

3.give her number,emailid  to psycatrists,to credit cards agents,bpos,spammers,matrimonial sites

4.plan a spontaneous,long vacation with your partner(out of sight out of mind) her a shirt bearing label ‘xyz’

being possessive does nothing good.humour with a dash of smarts always saves the day before the trouble double,it will be a bubble blown away.

blow this bubble with smarts,manipulation and humorous evil things..muahahahahaha!

mocambo kush hua

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Author: Vaishali Adwant

I'm an entrepreneur,a designer,a writer,athinker. I design clothes, boots, accessories, handmade jewelry for my label Faporazee. I write fantasy fiction, screenwriting, concepts for TV shows. I love spending my time reading, writing, painting, and a lot of creative pursuits.

9 thoughts on “Things to do when his X wants him back

  1. agree the best thing would be to give the number to credit card and insurance agents.
    i had one blogger posting abusive comments with the competitor’s email id mentioned in all those abuses. he was hoping we would send viruses to the email id:D

  2. now, this one’s a nice way to begin … These ex-es are like an excess in your life…
    …when I saw that title, I thought that it may be something abt ur bad experience or may be something serious types … but turned out to be hilarious ..

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