dating for timepass?

you want to create a new OCD-called the serial dating syndrome just cause you are an ACD-attention deficit syndrome,you can’t stand not getting attention…why dont ya just sit down!.. :P.

Things to do…alternative to this dating thingie(comeon dont be a silly gurlie who just want to be in love all the time)

  • wash your hair with medicare shampoo to remove thoseย  hairbrained ideas
  • walk the dog(it’s easier than training men ๐Ÿ˜› and women:P and human beings to sum it up ๐Ÿ˜› )
  • train a parrot to sing and headbang
  • walk on the dead sea and see it for yourself how salty your feet must feel
  • go to and invade a neighbouring place and implement your ideologies even if they dont like it(courtesy king julien)
  • teach english grammar to chinese and japanese or learn their chinglish in exchange
  • practice stunts by balakrisha and rajinikanth…(na na na dont say me you cant do the rajinicant)
  • or may be just chant if you cant ๐Ÿ˜›ย  (oh no no,not the nityananda way)
  • call teleshopping networks and enquire about all their products and hangup or hang them
  • participate in all mtv nuiscence like roadies,splitzville and such infantile reality shows
  • create a documentary on hyd-traffic sense and post it on youtube
  • interview ramaiyya’s and krishnamurthy’s students–Poor souls of IIT aspirants (make sure you have someone to take you when you faint,or google-i’m feeling lucky)
  • start a hyderabadi hindi coaching center in mumbai and such place+study material and exam questions-free free free
  • Make hyderabadi hindi compulsory to get immigerated to hyd–scores tougher than gre-toefl–
  • swat flies,mosquitoes–remove that reason for unexplained lethargy by doing this herculean task
  • sell french fries outside gym
  • run a marathon to abolish bhenji-ism—bhenjis hai karo bheji-ism
  • learn american accent from mnc employees and how to be an american
  • give auto-walas a ride for a day and charge them a brick…once that brick falls on their own head,they will know..
  • write a book on hyderabad traffic management for dummies,autowalas,road-romeo bikers and side walkers,slow-poke bicyclers
  • appeal to government to ban cojas(eunuch) troubling commuters at the signal(dunno what signals them to do so)
  • or sell proper cosmetic,saree,blouse and such things to eunuchs
  • stalk celebrities on facebook,twitter,glitter
  • stop eating idli,dosa,wada patented for breakfast…break this itenary fast
  • eat lemon grass,and such nutritious item and puke instead
  • clear thin air…no gassing…be a good environmentalist–keep eno,hajmola,kayam churan,air freshner handy
  • and last but not the least–be a serial blogger to a serial dater
  • install brain with a reliable firewall to trash all dating books,online advice and such coy malware

see what happened to nityananda when he dated for timepass… ROFL..even if hamsters inspire you..feel and act like a human being for you own well being ๐Ÿ˜›

dont choke yourself by dating all frogs and frog princess…coz timepass is a priceless non-chalance.donot waste this non-chalance on non-chalantant relations.

shoo shoo dating for timepass…i got no time to pass such dates who will eventually become a tense past-tense

ask that cupid not to spam your tiny little head…(omg you won lottery! …shut up,dont believe it,its spaaaaaaaaaaam)


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