Let’s Create Some Magic

lets create some magic

Retiring from all days work,

Each day, unloved, with no desire for tomorrow,

As she walked down the street,

Unaware of the melodic fete,

Nobody’s happiness did she ever borrow,

There stood a man who seemed like a dork.

Lost, looking to find something he asked,

Is there a florist living in the next lane?

What caught her attention that took away her mask?

He smelled of the magic dust from the euphoric plains.

A few words lead to hours of conversations,

Months and years went by,

By the bittersweet symphony,

He sunk deep into her soul and fought her demons,

Guarded her tears with a marching euphony,

Walking through the unknown terrains she did not sigh,

When he said let’s create some magic,

Waltz in harmony whether life is good or tragic,

The madness began with sweet escape,

With her beau, a deep love none could ape,

What a beautiful life took a shape,

To surrender in sweetness, not a shadow of a doubt,

A beautiful love story to dance and sing about.

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