Notes From Mozart

Summer evenings, like symphonies from Mozart,

In the quiet of the somber peace, I wonder,

Recipes for sweet life made in colander,

And early mornings start with holy bath.

When the mind chooses sweetness,

Hemmed in envenoming fates,

Doused in beauty and musical notes,

A rehearse the mind has loved to date.

Every moment filled in novelty,

Of the possibilities that could be,

Rising above yearning for loyalty,

There’s more to life soul wants to imbue and see.

Like symphonies of Mozart,

Training the mind to see good is an art,

Placating angry notes, tuning vocal cords,

Galloping in wonder, away from the odds.

Question yourself, each day,

If you need beauty or disdain,

As sweetness takes away the pain,

Nailed deeper in memories membrane.

Question yourself, each day,

If you wish to rise above strife,

Like a bald eagle flying high,

Brushing aside hurt and despair,

Have better emotions to share.

Question yourself, each day,

In which corner sits the joy,

Hiding from your fear of wrath,

If mind is satiated with feelings that annoy,

Do the math, do the math.

Question yourself, each day,

Why we ignore compassion,

To be in their shoes,

Understand their point of view,

Giving kindness a standing ovation.

Question yourself, each day,

Where compassion has to stop,

When hurt is caused with criminal intention,

Doing the right thing is what you adopt.

Question yourself, each day,

Of the excess that turfs out balance,

If you had time to feel the essence,

As challenges don’t wear out your zeal,

You take time for deeper thoughts and feel.

Like symphonies of Mozart,

Do you create moments anew?

Slow cooked with caution like the stew.

Like the symphonies of Mozart,

Do you live with rhythms of passion,

No matter what drags you down,

Do you start each day with devotion,

Like a pied-pipper in the town.

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