The Maverick Cinderella

Oppressed, no more, oh, bella, dame sans mercy,

For she made the rules and lived by,

Her guardian angels have started to sigh,

Through out her life poisonous arrows came piercing.

To cut her wings of free spirit,

Cueing her of the place a woman must be

Quenching her fire within,

Her patience started running thin,

She started seeing through everything she never did see.

She put her foot down to horrors of the wicked souls,

Who feeded on her kindness and doled,

She gave back what was due multifold,

Those who did her bad, did behold!

For the demure cindrella, no more,

The maverick within came out and had a spin,

Rocking their minds, turning them sour,

Bar raised a few notches din din din!!!

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