How Green Roofing Systems Can Protect Mumbai and Weatherproof From Mumbai Rains

Green Roofing Lasts for More Than 50 Years and is a Long Term Effective Solutions for Mumbai Rains 

Mumbai rains are world famous in India. This year, 29th August 2017, Mumbai had experienced a problem similar to Houston. Flooding and walking in murky water can lead to several infections and ailments. Downpour and water clogging is the severe problem that cannot be resolved over night. However, implementing easy and highly effective solutions like green roofing for all residential commercial building, old and new, helps in increasing vegetation and weatherproofs buildings, while utilizing rainwater that prevents water clogging. It is also effective in maintaining the drainage systems and manage the run off water from continuous downpour.

Hello, Mumbaikars, do not blame the BMC or Government for everything. Green roofing systems are DIY solutions that you can implement and keep the vegetation high and resolve all the water clogging and drainage problems while also protecting the buildings, new and old during all weather conditions.

I have been reading and writing about green roofing over some time, and though, why is Mumbai lagging behind in implementing this idea…it solves all the Mumbai rains 2017 problems, like, for ever!! Green roofing lasts for more than 50 years once implemented.

Here are umpteen advantages of implementing Green roofing systems with the help of professionals

  1. Absorbs rain water and prevents flooding.

  2. Cost effective, easy to implement solution. 

  3. It reduces waste water as rainwater is used to process vegetation and other utilities.
  4. It keeps the temperature of the buildings at optimal levels in all seasons.
  5. Mumbai, which experiences heavy rains can be highly benefited by this system.
  6. Makes Mumbai greener and Eco friendly.
  7. Better landscaping options for all types of buildings.
  8. Making unused space to good use.
  9. Keeps the roofs clean and protects the buildings from water clogging and drainage problems.
  10. Extends the life of the buildings by weather proofing it.
  11. Acts as a sound proof shield and cuts down the outside noise.
  12. It also improves the quality of air and enhances the quality of life.
  13. Naturally resists fire.
  14. Does not allow water to retain within the buildings and prevents water clogging on the ground as well.


There are umpteen benefits of green roofing. There are many DIY green roofing systems that can be built which can permanently help resolve the problems with Mumbai rains and flooding.



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