The shoulder-surfing maniac

“The public have an instatiable curiosity to know everything,except what is worth knowing”-Oscar Wilde.

That said tech-citizenry seem to have been bitten with a pandemic curiosity bug-looking_into_your_screen_while_you_dont_notice.If you are someone in front of the computer,regardless of where you are,you will be accompanied by a rummy sidekick-the shoulder surfer.Shoulder-surfers loves to skim through your  screen and get tid-bits on your modus operandi of workflow and gain insights and stats on whats going on in your workspace.Why this info seems so vital is still non sequitur.Maybe they could re_playwrite ‘waiting for godot’ with their incomprehensible wonder on what are you doing performed in their theatre of the absurd?or mebbe they could get a wiff of your password..sly fellas 😛 .

Its absurd how our dependance on techonology has instilled in us archetype insanity and ocd that has no significance in reality,yet we are still party to such eerie behavioural traits leading to identity thefts and what not.Can social engineering change the imploring morbid curious human nature?that wants to know more about insignificant details to underpin mundannes of routine?hasnt technology pushed our vulnarabilities to a newer demented levels where we part a fraction of our time gathering unwanted information..?

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