Currency notes or post-its?

People in india are such literary geniuses that they dont even spare the currency notes from their authorship.From crazy poems to shopping list items,names of lovers with heart shapes in blue ink;you find it all on the currency notes.Dont we have any respect for money?Not only is it wrong to do that RBI cannot use such notes for official transcations and thousands of crores of rupees are thus wasted.We educate people about family planning,career councelling.We should have a digital notice board of sorts in every city and town which can spread such awareness so that people can read such important stuff while commuting.if you want an outlet in writing theres this massive thing on internet called-blogging!and available in all languages.Since people can write,they most certainly can blog as well.They’d rather convert their passion for writing a rather fruitful activity and show respect towards currency notes.have handy organizer for shopping,grocery list etc instead of wasting it on folding money.


  1. yep,looks like it.Though they have designed a new logo for rupee,they should also print this statuory warning:donot use as post-its,like they have those cautions on tobacoo packets.

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