dream analysis and superstitions

Sigmund Freud had lot of time in his hands to sit and write volumes on dream analysis.Not too far-sighted was he?Did he ever imagine how busy our lives could get to bother about this hogwash?Dream analysis?seriously?I’d say get a life!I’d rather read the dream analysis of ilks like Steve Jobs,Sam Walton.There dreams were worth analyzing.Dissecting our dreams to take a shape into reality is something else.The first thing in the morning is to stick to the planned schedule for the day and make the most of it instead of remincing what bird,animal,trees in the dreams last night meant.I’m all like rofl for this stuff.Focus is always the simple solution for any problem.Once you pin down that to the top most carefully etched priority in life,I dont think you need no Freud theories to read your subconscious to you.Infact dreams aint always lucid and all about premonition,so why bother?Even if you are gifted with that kind things inside your brain that you can see stuff without being schizophrenic,still..why bother.Unless you are an updated version of Bruce Almighty where -‘you got the power!’.People during the world war times has no choice but spend lot of their times at home.So I guess lot of time equates to unnecessary thinking and thus such redundant theories.Even if they bear some significance..who has time to remember and then sit and analyse and waste time in this futile activity instead of making a head-start to a new day!

The next stage of low self esteem is superstitions.Infact superstition are nothing but a sumtotal of fears,phobias,desperation,irrationality and zero confidence in yourself and zero faith in God!Ekta Kapoor is worth more than 600 crores,she has the right to be superstitious (she thinks),it fetched her that kind of fortune.But how is it being chained in your own abnormal thinking for the sake of earning a fortune.A smart alec would say-I would’nt mind the bargain.’Was Martin Luther King or our very own Kings of the esoteric era superstitious?Was Chanakya superstitious or knowledgable?Why then people write their souls off to astrologers and soothsayers when they themselves choose to lack faith in themselves and the Almighty?.Did Lincoln have access to these superstions and soothsaying?He sure did have access to principles that rebuild a nation and those same principles are something people feel ‘cool’ to mock.Lot of crap inside the mind is your own doom.Always!I believe nobody except you yourself has the right to your own destiny.Period!

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