Anatomy of Entrepreneurship

Taking plunge of Entrepreneurship gives one bouts of mixed tones which are sometimes of paradoxical nature.Starting a day with creative activity is always an elation,dealing with skilled labour has its own challenges;werein one moment is poweful elation when the finished product looks splendid and theres that bright-close-up smile on the client’s face.The whole process,most of the time is a mixed bag of emotions.An ideal,esp an innovative one where creativity along with utility is involved,chips in powerful motley emotion.One moment dreaming and thinking through an idea I feel so potent and at the same time anxious of the outcome.Sometimes the reverence of dreaming ideas is so overwhelming that any deterrent seems pliable.I have always been very passionate about creative pursuits be it designing or writing.Everytime i think ideas to write or persue any creativity activity with an intent to reach out to people,it has its own stages of being filtered through many mentations and finally reach a string that insync with available resources.Entrepreneurship is all about being creativily practical and practically creative.

how have you felt when an idea struck to you like a lightining and give you that close-up smile.Do write in your comments,thoughts on this blog and post your stories on


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