Just Like The ’80s

What if you went back in time,

Lived in the ’80s

Sweet conversations, and happiness,

A beautiful memories to limn,

Walking through the treasured baies,

Lighting you up like a scented glim.

Friendships just like the ’80s,

With no burden of sham,

True self waltz through goofiness,

In the darkest shadows there’s no alarm.

Friendships just like the ’80s,

Nothing to gain or lose,

Fun with your tribe, your crew,

Very few knew,

Sailing times of meaningful moments,

chitter-chatter and laughter,

giving your spirit a volant,

And the bliss of faffer.

Author: Vaishali Adwant

I'm an entrepreneur,a designer,a writer,athinker. I design clothes, boots, accessories, handmade jewelry for my label Faporazee. I write fantasy fiction, screenwriting, concepts for TV shows. I love spending my time reading, writing, painting, and a lot of creative pursuits. https://faporazee.com

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