Birth of this blog

Here’s a short tale…

Once upon a time,there lived a sapien,glued to her laptop(fevicol ka jod hai,internet se chipke,blogging pe lapke).Serially blogging and parallely working/living and doing things ranging from wacko to normal.Learning and studing Literature was the part and parcel of her life apart from artsy objectives and a few techie subjectives(leftover knowledge of troubleshooting pc).One fine morning,early morning to be more precise,she woke up;like something dawned on her.She was invariably pushed in the direction where sat her comfy lappy,beckoning her,imploring her to trigger the chain reaction(no,not spam),of typing and fanning out prehensile word supply.Her manus of an acquisitive writer was fed with an eternal herb that never ceased to type the marvel of ideas and thoughts.It was 3.15am(reminds me of amityville horror).She opened windows,the windows that led to the world of internet.And there popped a thought.Such dazzling randomness.Eccentricity,is it really a sign of creativity or just a spate of mind..?Tired of dealing with blogger layout,embarked her oddity to degust the vanity of wordpress dashboard.and Viola!At the speed of light in the dark of early dawn a blog was born.Welcoming the early ray of sunlight…delighting her sense of venture,after a long sojourn on blogger.Still loyal,still strong and to a new blog her thoughts belong. Fagged out by adsense(some of their ads dont make sense),she let this journal stir clear.With milky white and opines so bright…she decided to might her write.As her blog took two baby steps,there was a door to be opened to spread it to the Indi-world..the indiblogger.Pop came a mail,as it had to sail,through this extant tale.Blog put on hold,coz not many stories were told,mind had to write in spirit and cite.The yearning of the yearner’s insight,to the admin of this site.Zap,came a reply,posts to indivine,she could generous renie thanks applied.Thus started this journey of the journal.A birth minus selfish motives of ads and commercials.A birth to sheer delight,to celebrate ideas,notion and  jocose emotions.Milky white space exploring galaxy of motifs her mentation designs.Everyday a tick of presentee her mein assigns…yeah the motto motto in a folksy town in a craker-barrel her philosophy.

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